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Название: Coupon SELL YOUR GRAPHIC NOVELS AND TPBs Comicblessing.com 10% BONUS CASH Coupon
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For sale is a flyer/coupon that can be used on the comicblessing.com website to get 10% additional money on top of the normal cash offer made by the site. Comic Blessing buys all Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks. You can use their easy online live offer system to get instant offers for your comic book graphic novels and trade paperbacks and almost any book related to comics, newspaper strips, sci-fi and fantasy, etc. Just search by book ISBN, see instant offer, accept those you want, get a free shipping label, ship and get paid...plus, with this flyer you can get 10% extra payout.

They also buy other stuff like normal comics (vintage and modern), pulp magazines, original comic art, and comic related magazines and fanzines. See my other postings for discount coupons for 10% off your selection of their 1000s of cheap comics, most priced at $1. When buying, they offer flat rate shipping of only $5 no matter how much you purchase.

As always, satisfaction is guaranteed with full refund if unhappy for any reason, so buy with confidence.


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