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Название: Learn to Play Keyboard. Piano Book for beginners.Play Keyboard in 1hr Guaranteed
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Author: Russell Ambrose
Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom
Subject: Music
Language: English
Place of Publication: London
ISBN: Does not apply

This new method is a completely new way of writing and reading keyboard music. Now everyone can learn to play easy keyboard tunes within one hour. You have instant fun, making music before learning to read traditional music


You get sent:

32 page colour starter book 24 tunes


Printed instructionshow to learn to play music

Coloured stickersto put on your keyboard keys

Coloured Guide to put behind your board of keys instead of stickers

Free to Download:-

3015tunes -from our website 

 Piano Tabs Softwarechange, arrange, listen, write, print, re-size, score, import MIDI keyboard music

See the feedback:-

"When you create something that requires no explanation and it's use is understood in it's examination,

 when children fully grasp the meaning inherent in it's presentation... that sir, is genius" Frank Texas

Can't explain the emotion I felt playing 2 handed after years of 1 handed playwhizzy35 (196*)

Absolutely amazing, my son with the attention span of a gnat, learned in 45 mins! clairer5775 (66*)

My 9yr old who has ADHD loves this. She can actually play now. Recommended wendy4758 (62*)

Learnt first tune in 5 minutes and was able to use both hands!! Amazing!!!!! sarahlethea (152*)

e followed the instructions, and my 3 year old is now playing like a pro cobewebsphere (596*)

Superb! None of my family had any musical ability whatsoever until now! easy!++ clinton6445 (283*)

My daughter is already playing tunes from memory. Much cheaper than lessons! FAB elements8791 (132*)

I was rightly proud of me, After 2 hours I was playing real music on keyboard YES recorderbill (63*)

This is amazing!! Bought for my 6yr old but addicted myself. Playing in mins! theboysteel (65*)

Oh my gosh! amazing! just received the book, within an hour I was playing songs!! webbeg (389*)

You are a genius. Best music product I have found. It does work. Thanks a lot tioljasa (45*)

Simplifies the mystery of piano playing, recommended choc713 (75*)

Being a pensioner, learning becomes harder, this system is excellent for me merlp17 (58*)

Tried my nieces, then ordered my own, Brilliant, Foolproof, Genius. Thank you farley077(2*)

So easy we had three of us fighting to get our hands on the keyboard, excellent”turmingjohn(60*)


Silent piano for 40 years, my wife is now playing Away in a Manger Thanks” sellyourstuff4$$(68*)

Incredibly easy to pick up - Outstanding idea BUY THIS NOW it’s a steal 5*ebayer! marrskiller(79*)

Brilliant idea. A genius, Can't stop playing. So easy-played ‘til 2am on day arrived oddzanendz (866*)

I have just been able to play a piano for the first time in 45 years FAB Gt lairdofkincavel (191*)

Thanks, after years struggling to read music, light at the end of the tunnel eunicycle (142*)

Hi, my little boy aged 9 has been having piano lessons at school for 1 year and he found it boring and still couldn’t play the piano. He has learning difficulties. I bought him your book, it is bright and easy to understand now he as regained his interest in the piano and he loves it. Thank you very muchhazeltomcai3

This keyboard method is visual - You

don’t need to learn the notes or their names and not just for beginners. All grades of music are possible and transition to ordinary music notation is easy when you want to

Be a winner and have your musical world opened up.

Good luck

Russell Ambrose

Here are some letters I have received. Thank you and keep ‘em coming, why be shy?

I just wanted to apologise that i left feedback before reading your note on feedback. Wanted to say that your system is excellent. I have always wanted to learn piano and i have finally cracked it. i regret jumping the gun on the feedback as now i can't let others know of my experience. Sorry but thank you for very much. Kind regards Kelly –billysidseager

I am absolutely amazed that I was able to progress as quickly as I have through the music. I have downloaded lots of additional songs from your online site and am having the time of my life learning new pieces. I have always wanted to play piano and always been too impatient to learn...this system is so quick to pick to up that this has not been a problem. I am still progressing (trying to separate my left and right hands is slower, but I can see this improving every time I play). I can now play River Flows in You by Yirama ... something I would never have dreamed possible!! It has been fabulous and I have recommended your system to everyone that will listen!!. Thank you. xxx –chakayalf Debbie East Sussex

I have always loved music, but have never been able to sing or play an instrument. The Christmas before last my partner bought me a keyboard and it had been sitting gathering dust until I discovered Piano Tabs. I was amazed - for the first time in my life, at 46 years old I could actually read music! You have no idea how satisfying it was to "play" a recognisable tune! It is an absolutely fantastic system - lots of practice now, and this certainly makes it more pleasurable. Thank you so very, very much. Sharon 
          I am really enjoying playing the piano this way. I started learning 50 years ago and had an older sister who was much better than me so gave it up. As you can imagine that put me off. Now this is pure joy and just for me. I have downloaded some more from your website but what I mustn’t do now is go forward to more difficult  tunes until I am fairly proficient. Having said that I do hope to play like Hugo, and then I would be entirely happy. I have  downloaded Blue Danube as Strauss was one of my favourites when my sister was playing - also Tales from the Vienna Woods. I didn't get that good to play it myself! I wish you the best of luck with it. Regards, Marian –oddzanendz


I purchased the beginners book for PianoTabs and as a teacher I am very impressed and I am keen to try out this system on children. I am interested to know if there are further tutor/music/song books available. If so, details please. I appreciate that plenty of music can be downloaded. Regards, Graham Cousins -grahamc7459  

Got it yesterday and my wife was up all night going through your book, I awoke to hear music on the piano that we have had for 40 years (first time ever). I just wanted to say thank you and I have left positive feedback and 5 star rating. My wife is already talking about getting your other books once she masters this one. Thank you again, Dennis. -sellyourstuff4$$

“One of the best things I've found about PianoTabs is that I've been able to learn classical pieces that had previously seemed far too advanced for what I had perceived my skill level too be. It is ideal for beginners but can also bring out the best in intermediate level and self taught players" David Reade, Chelmsfo

Greetings Mr. Ambrose, It would be great to be able to print your staff paper as a pdf, so as to create my own notations and be able to share them. I could try to replicate it, but I'd prefer to pay you for the right to print it. I feel that your creation is ABSOLUTE GENIUS! And I feel you should benefit from you contribution you've made, not only to teaching, but to music as a whole. A wonderful insight: for teaching, sharing, and really perfecting the notation for keyboard music. Please forgive me for going on... but I must say, "This is the strongest and simplest change to the idea of notation that I have ever seen". It creates a direct relation that is intuitive, rather than relational. I don't need a formula to understand this, it is inherent in it's simplicity and it's beauty. Of course, I'm preaching to the Choir Master, please for give me for my ranting to you. Thank you for your insight and sharing it. Frank Whetstine Texas (russell> You can print blank music pages free of charge in the application which you can download for free from my website)

 James Catterall, Professor of Music Education, University California LA:- “Two years of piano can increase children’s academic levels up to two letter grades, math scores up to 40%, and social skills up to two grades level” 

Some feedback fun: -


 “This really works! I'm just having a hard time getting my left hand to join in!” - I have the same problem

“Bought this for me (25) lol and its GREAT 10 mins I played twinkle star pmsl FAB” - but what is PSML?

Thank you for your interest 


Russell Ambrose 

Included in this item is an game which you can play on a PC connected to a MIDI keyboard. This game is new (Sept 2014) in Beta release only.
Kids fight to play this game, they earn coins which allows them to buy more tunes to game with. Learn as you play and have fun. Download it for free from our website.

PLEASE ONLY LEAVE FEEDBACK about USING Ambrose Piano Method : -

 “Received, thank you”, “gr8”, “good job A++”, “V. fast delivery” are not helpful to others when deciding to try Piano Tabs. They hide the ones that describe using Piano Tabs.

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