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Название: STYGMATA Advance Release New single All Forgotten instant download +free 2nd mp3
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Genre: Rock
Duration: 7:27
Style: Hard Rock
Record Label: Karma Records Group
Special Attributes: Pre release
Release Year: 2017
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
Edition: From the CD, The Harbinger coming 2018
UPC: Does not apply
New Single, All Forgotten mp3 from the upcoming CD, The Harbinger plus a free 2nd song, Holy Lies mp3 from the STYGMATA CD Bleed. 

STYGMATA is a four piece, melodic, classic metal band fronted by singer / guitarist / songwriter Kathie Jarra, formerly, JARRA (Lion Music) currently The Karma Records Group.
JARRA was a highly successful classic metal band with a signature sound and a spiritual energy that successfully conquered the New Jersey, New York & the great Northeast areas for years gathering a very strong following and tons of respect for their wall of sound melodic music and intense live performance. The band then went on to relocate to Phoenix, Arizona where they landed their deal with the Finnish heavy metal Label, Lion Music.
Completing her label deal with this version of her musical vision, Kathie Jarra went on to successfully form a new band, STYGMATA, a harder, more thrashier version of her former band.
The STYGMATA releases via The Karma Records Group went on to great reviews and charted Top 10 and Top 20 respectively on the Metal Charts.
The singer is working on a new CD with her new band called, The Harbinger.  A single from the new CD will be released prior to the new CD and is an epic power ballad called, All Forgotten.
STYGMATA does plan to tour the USA in 2018 and is focusing on metal Festivals and will be based out of Arizona in 2018  ###

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