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Название: 35 Acoustic Music Tracks 
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Genre: Rock
Style: Acoustic

This package contains 35 completely royalty-free background tracks in the style of acoustic based rock music. 

Each track in this package is split into various lengths and even variations of different lengths. Additionally, every single track is able to be looped! There are many ways to present your offers, nut the highest conversion way to promote your product or affiliate offer is via video presentation.

The thing is that, if you are not good at talking, you can just use a playing script having an audio music as the background. The next questions would be, where can I get those audios without violating any rights? Good question. Good news! Inside this package you are about to receive the audio that you need.

This package also contains a "Background Music Training Guide" PDF.

This is an electronic audio package.
Will send via eBay message after payment.
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