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Название: Vintage Concerts-Private Collection-60's-70's-Stones-WHO-Tull-Winter-TYA-A.Lee
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Поставщик: sienagatto (все товары)
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Listed By: Artist
Date of Creation: 1968-1972
Photo Type: 35mm slide
Subject: Concert photographs
Color: Color
Size Type/Largest Dimension: 35mm
Region of Origin: US
Selling my collection of concert slides. All slides are unpublished originals. Never been sold or printed. More than 180 slides.
Rolling Stones, The WHO, Jethro Tull, Alvin Lee, Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter's White Trash, Rick Derringer,  Carol King, Ten Years After, Humble Pie, Peter Frampton, Hot Tuna, Papa John Creach, Commander Cody, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Cactus

Two concerts of note; Rolling Stones 18 July was the infamous late night concert in which the Stones took the stage just after 1am after Jagger and Richards were "sprung" from jail by Boston Mayor Kevin White. The Stones flight from Montreal had to be rerouted to Warwick, RI because of fog in Boston. While waiting for transportation to Boston Garden Richards was arrested for assaulting a photographer. Jagger was arrested for interfering with arrest. White pulled some mayoral strings and had them released with a police escort to Boston. Soon after White addressed the restless Garden crowd (photos of this speech can be found online) and assured them that he had "sprung" the Stones from jail and they were on their way. I photographed White onstage and have one slide of this (included).  I also have audio of this whole concert in which Jagger speaks of arrest and thanks White a number of times during show. Show ended just after 2am with band scheduled to perform the same night (19th). There is a lot of info available online of this concert and arrests, including Mayor White addressing crowd, interview with Aerosmith's Joe Perry (in attendance) the arresting officer (he had no clue who the Stones were) and the Warwick City Jail mug shots of the Glitter Twins.

Jethro Tull concert was the night rock and roll was banned from Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton, NH. This particular night 4,000 plus ticketless fans showed up to the show and attempted to storm the theater. National Guard had to be called out. The show went on regardless. Opening act was Yes in their first American tour.  The next day the town officials convened and voted to cancel all future rock shows in Hampton Beach. This ban lasted for many years. 

Rolling Stones - Boston Garden-18 July 1972 - STP Tour

 Mick Jagger - Keith Richards - Mick Taylor - Bill Wyman - Charlie Watts - Nicky Hopkins - Bobby Keys - Jim Price - Ian Stewart

The WHO - Boston Music Hall (Wang Center)-6 August 1971
 Pete Townsend - Roger Daltrey - Keith Moon - John Entwistle

Jethro Tull - Hampton Beach Casino, NH - 8 July 1971

Featuring Ian Anderson

Ten Years After - Fillmore West - San Francisco, CA - August - 1969
Alvin Lee - Chick Churchill - Rick Lee - Leo Lyons

Ten Years After - Boston Garden - April - 1971
Alvin Lee - Chick Churchill - Rick Lee - Leo Lyons

Edgar Winter's White Trash - Hatch Shell - Boston, MA - 29 May 1971

Johnny Winter - Boston Tea Party - 23 July 1970 
Featuring Rick Derringer

Hot Tuna - Aquarius Theater Boston, MA - 11 April 1971
Featuring Jorma Kaukonen and Papa John Creach

Commander Cody - Aquarius Theater Boston, MA - 1971

Carol King - Music Hall - Boston, MA 1971

Humble Pie - Boston Garden - April - 1971
Featuring Peter Frampton

Emerson Lake & Palmer - Hatch Shell - Boston, MA - 29 May 1971

Cactus - Boston Garden - April - 1971

Please email with any questions. 

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