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Название: R-SIM11 Newst R-SIM12 Nano Unlocking Card 4G LTE For IOS10.X 11.X iPhone 6s/7p/8
Состояние: Новое (возм. мелкие дефекты)

Поставщик: beauty-1999 (все товары)
Местонахождение: Китай
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Brand: Unbranded/Generic
SIM Format: Nano-SIM
Connectivity: LTE 4G/3G/2G
For: Array
Country/Region of Manufacture: China
MPN: Does Not Apply
Type: Card Adapter
Feature: R-SIM 11+ 4G+ Global Cloud Smart Sim Card
fit model: for iPhone 8/X/7P, 7, 6SP, 6S, SE, 6P, 6, 5S, 5C, 5,
Color: as picture
Perfect, stable, the effect of the phone without a lock.
R-SIM 11+ 4G + global cloud smart SIM card
China Mobile, China Unicom 4G, 4G + perfect stability of the first network group.
Applies to any locked iPhone
Applicable to any operator's SIM card (not CDMA)
Applies to any ios version. No bootloader, no software required
R-SIM 11+ Group's cap, the perfect flawless effect as the Hong Kong version of the iPhone
This R-SIM card supports: iPhone 7P, 7,6SP, 6S, SE, 6P, 6,5S, 5C, 5 and so on.
It covers T-mobile, Sprint, Fido, DoCoMo as the major US version and tough EU version. Locked hacker phones can also work
The effect of this 4G unlock is perfect and stable.
Complete iPhone6 to iPhone7Plus global TDD-4G network perfect unlock. (Including China Mobile 4G)
Complete iPhone5c to iPhone7Plus global FDD-4G network perfect unlock (including China Unicom 4G)
Complete iPhone5, the global WCDMA network perfect unlock (including China Unicom 3G.

Package Included:
1 * R-SIM11 +
Insert the China Mobile or Unicom SIM card alone, the activation request will pop up. Show 4G network signal is successful 4G unlock the standard! 6 / 6P in the T and ATT version can not solve China Mobile 4G network.
Our definition of STABLE is: will not lose the signal, will not miss the phone
Our definition of PERFECT is: usually no +86 FaceTime, iMessage, local number, CID, message, MMS, phone, Internet and personal hot jobs do not automatically send international messages. Everything is like the Hong Kong version of the iPhone.
This is the top work of RSIM 11+. This is also the leading work of the SIM card!
How to use?
R-SIM11 + professional LTE 4G smart cloud card, unlock card matching card without lock effect like activation of mobile phone. No need to operate complex, easy to use. This is the most cost-effective SIM card on the market.
"R-SIM 11+ 4G + global cloud smart rsim card" perfect and stable unlock function:
This unlocking avoids the server's limitations on the first activation and obtains a network license for the best unlock results
In the future, if Apple's server is incorrectly patched, users who get the network license through the normal activation method can not provide an online unlocking program (via the OTA update system, that is, by the actual the software update) instead of erasing The iPhone or changing SIM card
This process is similar to hacking (if the error is not patched, there will be no restrictions), which has no effect on the official or hacker unlock. The only way to fix a SIM card is to choose another method to complete an imperfect unlock (Which means giving up this stable and perfect unlock).

Before use Note:
Requires standard Nano card, otherwise it may cause poor contact, SIM card is not detected, or even damaged equipment! The standard size is 0.68mm, much thinner than the 0.83mm trim card. In the case of finishing the card, make sure it Meets the thickness and wipe it
China Mobile and China Unicom Card Application Tutorial

When you insert the SIM card with rsim, the phone will pop up the activation page. According to note selection. Enter the system after the phone received to receive signals.

R sim 12 work fori os 11 ,10.x for iPhoneX,iphone 8,8PLUS 7,7plus
R-SIM 12 4G New ICCID loophole to unlock
This amazing R-Sim12 will unlock iPhone to any carrier worldwide. (NOT for CDMA sim card)
Works with all latest iPhones:
iphone 8/8+ iPhone X   iPhone 5/5C/5S/5SE    iPhone 6/6+  iPhone 6S/6S+    iPhone 7/7+

R-SIM will win because of professional!
Since RSIM1 generation to 12 generations, from the unlock function performance is an ordinary card stick incomparable,
the R - SIM12 automatic ICCID unlock iPhoneX, 8, 8 Plus, 7, and so on, and bring the card posted online cloud, without card reader multifarious upgrade, the upgrade process packing also follows the RSIM unique packaging, with mobile phone card to receive a function, can receive a MICRO, NaNO, take card pin and card stick together, perfect intelligent unlock IOS11 any version, intelligent automatic signal and the menu selection.

Package Included:
1 * R-SIM12 Card


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