Купить Discover Card  $50 Bonus Cashback Refer a Friend Offer plus +$20 Bonus с eBay с доставкой в Украину

228 грн
с учетом доставки
Артикул: 122821709496
Стоимость: 184 грн + 44 грн (доставка)
Время отправки товара после заказа: 1 день
(плюсуется к времени доставки)
Время доставки в Украину: 7 - 11 дней*
Товар будет доступен ещё 22 дня 11 часов 59 минут
Название: Discover Card  $50 Bonus Cashback Refer a Friend Offer plus +$20 Bonus
Состояние: Не указано

Поставщик: davfink (все товары)
Местонахождение: Соединенные Штаты
Рейтинг поставщика: 100 (95 и больше - надежный поставщик)


Expiration Year: 2019
Type: cash back bonus
Expiration Month: Nov
Value (dollars): 50
Valid Locations: US-Nationwide


Want to get referred to Discover? Good for you! Discover has an exclusive deal just for you:

Become a cardmember, get $50 Cashback Bonus with your first purchase, and earn unlimited rewards on all purchases. You'll also get amazing customer service and online tools that will make you a fan of Discover, too.

It pays to share, it pays to Discover. 

Once you apply for a Discover Card and you're approved, you must make at least ONE purchase (even a $1 purchase) within 3 months of account opening.

 After making first purchase, you and I both will receive $50 Cashback Bonus within 5 weeks.

After I received my bonus I will transfer $20 to your PayPal account as thank you bonus.

Please keep in mind that Discover prefer applicants with very good or excellent Credit.


If interested in the offer, please message for code


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